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SOLVED – High CPU and Lagging when Screen Sharing in Zoom Multiple Screens — Roy Osherove.9 Ways to Fix the Zoom Share Screen Not Working – Pletaura


What do we do? Hello BernardoSaniz ,. The quality of the video call would also depend on the speed of both of your devices. What I could suggest is to try using the Skype for Web or Skype Preview to check if you would experience the same issue.

Also, you could try checking if you could adjust the bandwidth of your internet connection in order for the quality to improve. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. I am having this same issue. Video playback via the Skype web app is fine, and also through Zoom. It crawled my machine to a stand still. I am using version 5.

I also had a font issue with Chrome when using goggle search. It turns English to Welsh. I took out Roboto and that fixed that issue. Posted by deesadler. I solved this same issue by uninstalling Zoom and reinstalling. Finding a lot of operating issues with Big Sur. Sorry I updated so early in the release. Posted by BettyRoggenkamp1. My son updated Big Sur 2 days ago and now zoom doesn’t work.

He can’t zoom with his classes. Can someone please help me??? Posted by JenRN Yes, I was experiencing those same problems with zoom after I updated to Big Sur. I am not quite sure how to check what version of zoom I have operating and downloaded, but I have had other weird issues with my computer and I am hoping to go into the store and have someone look at it for me.

Posted by bts Greetings everyone- I had this same issue and resolved the problem by going to zoom. Posted by lamond I have a new mbp and just upgraded to big sur, video on zoom got choppy spinning wheel constantly. Uninstalled and reinstalled zoom and now it seems to be working well. Posted by bbelt I had the same issue today on an older MacBook Air. Posted by vkzawa. In general, higher speeds mean a more stable internet connection and your meeting is less likely to experience lag.

The less multi-tasking your computer has to do, the better. Are you a Browser Tab Hoarder like me! Close them! Too many tabs can overtax your computer and slow down its performance.

Pause any uploads and downloads. Demanding tasks like downloading or uploading a big file like video or music files will take up a large amount of internet bandwidth. Prioritize your Zoom call by pausing those activities until after your meeting is over. This includes pausing any scheduled file backups or pausing automatic updates to your computer or applications.

Those often happen in the background without you realizing it. Disable HD video. Turn off Wi-Fi on other devices.