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– How to Fix a YouTube Black Screen

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There are a few possible reasons why your videos might be zoomed in on your iPhone. One possibility is that you have accidentally zoomed in while recording the video. Another possibility is that the video was recorded in a higher resolution than your device can actually display, and so it is being zoomed in to fit on the screen.

Best Answer:. How do I zoom out on my YouTube screen? Why is my YouTube screen zoomed in iPhone? How do you zoom out on iPhone 12 YouTube? Why is my YouTube zoomed in? Navigate to YouTube, then open a video. Temporarily disable the ad blocker. How you do this depends on which web browser you use. For more information:.

Reload the page, then play the video. If the video plays, consult the documentation for the ad blocker to see if there’s an option to prevent it from blocking YouTube videos.

Custom filter lists that you use with ad blocker plug-ins and extensions can sometimes cause problems with YouTube. If you use a custom filter list, disabling or removing it may allow you to watch YouTube without disabling the ad blocker. There are several browser and computer problems that can cause trouble with websites like YouTube. Issues with the browser, like corrupted cache data or cookies, can prevent videos from loading.

Memory issues with the computer can also cause issues with playing videos on the internet. To rule out a problem with the browser or computer, you can try things like reloading the page, clearing the cache, and switching to a different browser. As a last resort, restarting the computer sometimes does the trick. Here’s how to fix YouTube black screens if the problem has to do with the browser or computer:. You may not need to complete every one of the following steps.

After each step, check to see if you can view YouTube videos. If videos start working again, you’re done. Reload the YouTube video that doesn’t work. Log out of your YouTube account. Close the browser and restart it. Check for browser updates. Download and install the latest one if you don’t have it. Clear the browser cache.

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Here is how:. See this article if your Apple TV remote is not working. Update your Apple TV. Make sure that your Apple TV is running the latest firmware. Check your internet connection. Make sure that your Apple TV is connected to the Internet:. Reset your Apple TV. Please note that this will erase everything currently stored on your Apple TV. For example, your saved Wi-Fi passwords, etc will be gone. This will restore it to the factory settings. Serhat Kurt worked as a Senior Technology Director.

Here is his LinkedIn profile. Please note the following: All comments are moderated. Your email will NOT be published nor shared. All SPAM comments will be deleted. Please see our comment policy page for more info. When I try to watch a video on YouTube it says Whoops something went wrong. This just started happening.



– Apple tv youtube app zoom – none:

Page content loaded. You can fix YouTube playback problems , but it may take a while to track down the exact reason you get a black screen. This happens after watching few videos on Youtube. See this article if your Apple TV remote is not working. I have the hard close the app and relaunch it. Memory issues with the computer can also cause issues with playing videos on the internet. Delete all YouTube cookies from the browser.


– How To Zoom Out On Youtube Iphone? [Solved] – How To’s Guru

Download tvos 7. There are a few ways to make your iPhone screen fit YouTube. Delete all YouTube cookies from the browser. Jeremy Laukkonen is automotive and tech writer for numerous major trade publications. If your internet connection is completely down, YouTube won’t load at all. Now, it freezes when I hit pause when watching a YouTube video and then nothing works, not even using my iPhone remote app will get it back online. Has anyone else been able to fix this problem with reinstalling older version?