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Aug 22,  · In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Account Settings. Click the Meeting tab. Under In Meeting (Basic), click the Allow users to transfer meetings between devices toggle to enable or disable it. If a verification dialog displays, click Enable or Disable to verify the change. It did not connect. Thus I went to another computer and tried to join the meeting with the same account. It was able to connect. Then the other computer was able to connect to the Zoom meeting. So I had two computers connected to the same meeting with the same account. Q1. Then, it is like the conference has two participants or one participant? Dec 11,  · Last Updated: December 11, You can be signed in to Zoom on one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time. If you sign into an additional device while logged into another device of the same type, you will be logged out automatically on the first device.


Can i join zoom meeting on two devices – none:. Improve and troubleshoot your Zoom experience

You cannot join more than one Meeting at a time. However, if you have more than one device, then you can join two meetings simultaneously with same ID. That’s to say, that assume I have zoom app on laptop as well as phone, and only a single ID. May 09,  · Additional instructions on joining a meeting can be found here: Zoom Quick Start; On your second device, log in and join the same meeting. When both devices are logged in, both devices will display in the participants menu. From here, you may conduct the meeting as you would normally, but with the advantage of having both devices. For instance, you may: . Sep 13,  · You will not be able to be logged in to the actual Zoom client on two machines at once, but you can join the Meeting from both machines – one after the other. You only need to be logged in when you join. Log in to your first machine and join the meeting, then login from your second machine and join the meeting again.


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Knowledge Base Search. If you are having audio issues on your computer, please refer to the following knowledge article on how to configure your audio settings on your Windows or Mac machine:. You can use the link included in the meeting email invitation or enter a Meeting ID after logging into your Zoom account. For musical content, applied lessons, or other situations where preserving audio quality is important, you can change Zoom’s audio settings to minimize automatic adjustments such as gain, extended frequency response, and echo cancellation.