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Local recordings, which are the recordings that come standard with all Zoom accounts, are saved to your device. Cloud recordings, a paid option, are saved to the Zoom Cloud where they can be viewed, shared, and downloaded.

You start recording by pressing Record on the bottom of your Zoom meeting window. If you have cloud recording enabled, a pop-up will appear above asking what kind of recording you want: Cloud or Local. Participants who do not have camera turned on will not be recorded. Additional Settings. There are additional settings you can toggle to customize your meeting recordings.

Previous: Uploading a previously recorded video or audio file. Next: Recording an individual presentation with Kaltura Personal Capture. Mov file. This option is not exactly ideal because you, as the host, have no control over the individual recordings!

You can only hope that each of your participants remembers to record, save and send you their recording. If you are doing a live broadcast enable Live Call In. You will then be taken to your Green Room. Here, you can set your preferences for your mic, camera, and speakers. Here you can also choose to join as a producer, and your audio and video will not be recorded.

Step 5. Once your guests have joined your session, you can start recording. This is how your guests join your session:. Note: ensure your guest is using Google Chrome. Here, they can check their audio and video, and set their display name. That’s it. Super easy, right? Once your session is over ensure your guest leaves their tab open a little longer so that their upload can be completed. Local recording via QuickTime is a solution that reaps high-quality results.

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Zoom meetings can only be recorded if the host allows, but it’s easy for hosts to grant permission. This story is a part of Insider’s Guide to Zoom. Marissa Perino is a former editorial intern covering executive lifestyle.



How to Record a Zoom Meeting, or Get Permission From Host – Inviting group members

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