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Why is zoom grayed out in outlook – none:. Adjusting Outlook’s Zoom Setting in Email

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May 12,  · Macs seem to have size problems that don’t afflict other platforms. I have no idea why these controls are disabled. But if you are routinely using zoom to enlarge messages to make them readable, I’d suggest another setting would be more useful. Aug 20,  · Something recently got broken in Outlook , and the long lines no longer wrap around neither in the Reading Pane nor when in a separate window, regardless of the zoom level (perhaps with the exception that you can make the zoom level unreadably small that the lines per se fit in the window without having to wrap, which doesn’t change the statement in that they . Jan 06,  · All Replies (3) ‘View’ > ‘Zoom’ > ‘Zoom in’ or use key Ctrl and + ‘View’ > ‘Zoom’ > ‘Zoom out’ or use key Ctrl and -. These options are usually greyed out if you have selected the mail account name in the Folder Pane. They are usually enabled if you select a folder or an email.


Why is zoom grayed out in outlook – none:. Zoom slider grayed out in MS Outlook

(Must must support Fingerprint Authentication); Sign Out If disabled, controls will hide themselves after a few seconds and the screen must be tapped to. The following accounts can enabled or disabled this setting: Enterprise, API, when scheduling a meeting using the Zoom web portal or Outlook add-in. This is caused by the Zoom setting. Lock the Zoom level in Outlook If you are an Office subscriber, you can now set Outlook to remember your zoom level.


Adjusting Outlook’s Zoom Setting in Email – Question Info

I’ll try rebooting directly connected to the docking station to see if that helps. Is all of outlook tiny or just the message text?