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Cara record meeting zoom – cara record meeting zoom:.Cara Merekam Zoom Meeting

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Audio Only .m4a) – the audio recording of the event only · Chat .txt) – the chat text during the meeting · Transcript file .vtt) · Video. Click on the Share button for the recording. Select the share this recording Publicly option. share this recording. Click on the Save button. Once you are done adding people who need to see your recording, click Send, and they will receive an email with a link to the file. Note about Zoom meetings.

Cara record meeting zoom – cara record meeting zoom:. Record a video meeting


Local recordings above in breakout rooms can coincide with a cloud recording in the main room. Skip to main content. The University of Iowa Search. Finding and extracting the information inside past recordings, as well as sharing recordings, is still exceedingly difficult. All of the time and resources expended on these tasks can easily offset any potential business gains from simply having an exact record of the meeting.

But meeting recordings need to be easy to find, easy to share, easy to watch, and easy to search so that people within your organization can access the information archived inside as efficiently as possible.

And its search features only allow you to search within your personal library of meeting recordings. All of that sensitive business information inside your meeting recordings still has to be secured, too.

Zoom does allow you to restrict sharing only to users within your organization, but you may not want everyone to have viewing permissions enabled for some meeting recordings.

While Zoom does offer private cloud hosting and password-protected sharing features to paid subscribers, administrator controls over cloud recordings are limited, which introduces enough room for user error to create a sizable security risk when it comes to sensitive meeting recording assets.

Here are 3 ways your Zoom videos could end up exposed online:. Because of this, we recommend that you consider how large your files are before sending these to participants, and resize these files if appropriate. Zoom then processes the recording, converts that footage to a file called an MP4, and then stores it either on your computer or on the Cloud depending on which option you chose when you started recording.

The quality of the recorded video and audio will be the same as they were in the Meeting itself, when it was live. Skip to: content search login. Knowledge Base Toggle local menu Menus About the team. Knowledge Base Search. Log in. Options Help Chat with a consultant. Include archived documents. Create and store recordings of Zoom meetings On this page: Overview Who can record meetings Create a recording From a desktop computer From a videoconferencing room system From a mobile device Access your recordings Local recordings Recording file types Back up local recordings Cloud recordings Choose recording layouts Overview At Indiana University, you can record your Zoom meetings and either save the recordings to a local storage device, or save them to the cloud using Kaltura.

To request a new institutional storage account, fill out the Institutional storage request form. Create a recording From a desktop computer To create a recording of a Zoom meeting: Enter the Zoom meeting room.

Notes on cloud recordings:. Once your meeting has ended, it will need to be processed in Zoom before it can be transferred to Kaltura. Depending on the length of the meeting, this may take some time.

To check the status of your recording, log into zoom. At IU, Zoom cloud recordings are stored in Zoom for days. Permanent copies are delivered to the university’s media management system, Kaltura. Depending on your personal settings, cloud recordings use either “Gallery” or “Active Speaker” views. Editors may have access to delete or share the file, while viewers will only be able to view the file. Make sure that you’ve shared with the correct people.

Once you are done adding people who need to see your recording, click Send, and they will receive an email with a link to the file. Note about Zoom meetings recorded locally to your computer rather than recorded to the Zoom cloud: If you have a Zoom recording stored locally, you can upload it to Google Drive by selecting the file from where you stored it on your computer, just as you would once you’ve downloaded a Zoom recording from the cloud.

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Cara record meeting zoom – cara record meeting zoom:. Create and store recordings of Zoom meetings


Selain itu bagi kamu peserta meeting online yang ingin melakukan perekaman saat Zoom Meeting, kamu perlu meminta izin kepada Host, agar bisa melakukan perekaman. Fitur Record Screen di Zoom ini, memang menjadi salah satu fitur yang dapat digunakan secara gratis, dan banyak dipakai oleh pengguna Zoom, untuk menyimpan hasil record yang akan digunakan untuk keperluan dokumentasi penting.

Selain fitur Record Screen, terdapat beberapa fitur lain di Zoom yang dapat digunakan secara gratis. Nah, bagi kamu yang mungkin masih ada yang belum tahu, bagaimana cara menggunakan Fitur Record Screen di Zoom ini. Selengkapnya bisa simak cara record zoom berikut:. Sering kali memang pada saat kita melakukan zoom meeting kita sering mengalami satu kendala, salah satunya adalah ketika screen recordernya tidak terdengar suaranya.

Nah jika kalian mengalami kondisi seperti itu beginilah solusinya. Yang harus anda perhatian adalah jangan panik, karena mungkin ada bagian yang belum berjalan secara benar. Lakukan beberapa tindakan berikut :. Ini mungkin bagian yang selalu ingin anda ketahui, dimana hasil aktivitas record dari zoom meeting anda ingin disimpan agar recordingnya bisa digunakan pada waktunya. Tidak sulit melakukan recording di aplikasi zoom meeting seperti ini caranya.

Salah satu kelebihan teknologi masa kini adalah, kita sebagai pengguna di berikan kemudahan agar bisa menggunakan aplikasi dengan baik. Seperti itu juga dengan aplikasi Zoom secara otomatis sudah tersedia icon untuk merecording hasil zoom meeting kita.

Cara menggunakannya adalah perhatikan tombol icon yang terdapat pada aplikasi zoom. Kemudian pastikan bahwa semua icon berfungsi dengan baik. Itulah sebabnya sebelum memulai sebaiknya anda prepare semuanya. Setelah anda yakin semua icon berfungsi dengan baik, maka untuk merecording zoom meeting anda pastikan anda tahu akan menyimpan file recordingnya di mana. Itu penting agar anda tidak mengalami kesulitan pada saat ini menggunakannya kembali rekaman tersebut.

Sementara jika anda memang sering melakukan zoom meeting di laptop, ada baiknya anda tahu dimanakah tempat terbaik untuk menyimpan hasil dari recording zoom meeting anda :. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Before jumping into the guide, it should be noted that every account level can record Zoom meetings, even the Basic free tier.

Free accounts can record a video meeting locally to their computer, Pro and Business plans include 1GB of cloud storage in addition to the local option, and the Enterprise tier includes unlimited cloud.

By default, only the host of the video call is allowed to record the meeting in Zoom. The recording will now begin. A list of participants will appear in the right pane. In the right pane, you now have the option to play the recording with or without video , delete it, or open the file location in File Explorer Windows or Finder Mac. We select and review products independently.

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