Comparison of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition & PCSX2

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Helix Mod: PCSX2 [DX11].

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How to change the resolution on pcsx2


Accounting for aperture, and lines vs assumed lines, for NTSC you just crop to , and you end up with exactly the image that I am describing in this request. Sorry, something went wrong.

While the motivation for this request is ultimately aspect ratio correction, the request as I’ve written it specifically avoids any kind of stretching or AR correction. An imagined way this would work if implemented and the option turned on would be that PCSX2 would output a x image with black borders around the framebuffer for a game running in x mode.

That would be the end of it as far as this request is concerned. Direct PAR correction could also be implemented without worrying about active area, though I’ve asked for this particular way of doing it simply because it gives users more control for post-processing.

For best effect and to get the borders as per the OP you also need to enable “Screen Offsets” in the Graphics Settings to correct the aspect further. I don’t fully understand how applies to this issue, but a lot of it is over my head. I think what I’m seeing though is that doesn’t “enforce” the display parameters I’ve suggested here in this issue, but rather just makes it possible to replicate this setup?

There’s some talk about resolutions going around which I’m not so sure about: x is a pretty common resolution mentioned when talking about BT. Well in any case, maybe performing the same experiment that I did here in that PR could shed some light on this?

I can’t do it right now but I could try it out later after work if someone doesn’t get to it first. EDIT: wanna add that I don’t mean to come off as combative here – I have a narrow view of the problem and I just want to ask the right questions to understand the solution! It applies to this issue, because your original problem was the aspect ratio and display was incorrect in p mode, that PR corrects it and will achieve what you showed in your original post of the correct aspect ratios.

I’ll take your word for it and would like to add I appreciate the effort you’ve invested into this! I’ll boot up Ninebreaker later after the CI is done and play with this. I tested the new changes, but they don’t directly apply to this issue as far as I can tell. That’s what is about, but this issue was not about progressive scan or even directly correcting AR actually.

Ninebreaker doesn’t have a progressive mode as far as I know. The way the progressive screenshots of the new mode look in the PR are pretty much exactly what you would get from a BT. It’s also exactly what the mode I’m asking for in this issue would look like, so it’s really very close.

So what do you consider the full active “surface”? What we display is all the data that is there. I’m afraid I can only answer this superficially based on observations.

To try to be concise though, the rest of the surface wouldn’t come from anywhere, it would just be padding applied to the FB. It’s there in the active area because the video output circuits have to pick a time during each frame to start sampling the framebuffer into the signal, and there isn’t enough data to fill the whole signal.

I have to disclaim now though that those nice round numbers are huge assumptions based on pretending that the PS2 actually cares about BT. Each resolution mode would have it’s own individual active area based on pixel clock for that mode, so it would have to be something calculated based on PS2 hardware internals. That’s where my knowledge here ends though. Actually implementing this definitely requires understanding of the PS2’s video system that I don’t have.

Numbers are unimportant but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is I don’t know how big those Display rects are, at all.. I guess you can work it out from Mhz and all that, but that’s beyond my current comprehension of CRT analogue signals. Skip to content. Removing security measures and adjusting PC or emulator settings can put your device at risk of viruses. Making PCSX2 run faster on your laptop without upgrading your laptop to reach the minimum requirements is a futile attempt.

Better yet, aiming for the recommended specifications to run an emulator on your laptop will ensure optimized gameplay. With the minimum system requirements, it will be difficult to play moderately complex games.

The Acer Aspire 5 is a great choice if you will only play a few release titles and 2D games. It runs on an Intel Core i7 processor with 4-core threads and it has Windows 10 Home as the operating system. The recommended system requirements are based on a resolution of p.

Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements according to the PCXS2 website:. Aside from upgrading your laptop specs, closing background tasks, and freeing up memory, you can try these hacks to improve laptop speed for emulators:.

To ensure that your emulator runs smoothly on your laptop, make sure that your system has a dedicated graphics card, solid processing capabilities, and generous storage. It will be best to upgrade your system specs to get the best gaming experience. Other ways to make PCXS2 run smoothly on your laptop are to lower resolution, disable the debugging menu, and use frame-limiting.

Direct3D11 support — OpenGL 4.