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Can i join a zoom meeting without an email link – can i join a zoom meeting without an email link:. Join a meeting

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Your chosen email service will appear with a preformatted invitation. Step Schedule a Meeting Click the Schedule button. Step Enter a meeting title, in the Topic field.

Step Select additional Meeting Options , including Require meeting password, if desired. Step Select which Calendar type you wish to create the invitation with. Step Click the Schedule button. Step Your meeting will be scheduled. Note that this is only for scheduling purposes. The meeting will not end after this length of time. Click on the drop-down to choose a different time zone. Recurring Meeting: Choose if you would like a recurring meeting meeting ID will remain the same for each session.

Registration: Allows you to have your participants register with their e-mail, name, other questions, and custom questions. Not recommended Video: Host Video: Choose if you would like the host video on or off when joining the meeting. Even if you choose off, the host will have the options to start their video after joining the meeting.

Even if you choose off, the participant will have the option to start their video after joining the meeting. Audio Options: Choose what audio options you want to allow i. Meeting Options: Require Meeting Password selected by default : It is strongly recommended that you set the meeting password.

Your students will be required to input this password before joining your scheduled meeting. Enable Join Before Host: Allow participants to join the meeting without you host or before you host join.

If not selected, a random unique meeting ID will be generated. Enable waiting room: Allows the host to control when participants join the meeting by placing them in a waiting room. We’re here to help Before contacting us, try browsing or searching for common questions. Submit student IT request.

Submit staff IT request. Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer. The University of Queensland my. Site search Search. Site search Search Menu. Organising a Zoom meeting. Home Information and services Information technology Audiovisual Audiovisual user guides Zoom user guide. Organising a future Zoom meeting Inviting participants to an active Zoom meeting Ending a Zoom meeting. Organising a future Zoom meeting When organising a Zoom meeting, you can: schedule a meeting set up meeting registration.

Schedule a meeting When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you’ll generate an email invitation that you can share with participants both at or external to UQ. Zoom on your desktop To schedule a Zoom meeting on your desktop, watch the video guide or read the steps: Watch: How to schedule a Zoom meeting on your desktop Open Zoom on your desktop, and log in if required.

Set a start date and time. You’ll then have the following options: To make this a regular meeting, tick the ‘Recurring meeting’ box. To set a password for the meeting, tick ‘Require meeting password’ in the ‘Password’ section, and then enter a password.

Ensure that participants are given this password before the meeting. In the ‘Video’ section, choose whether ‘Hosts’ and ‘Participants’ video will start automatically when the meeting begins. In the ‘Audio’ section, leave ‘Telephone and Computer Audio’ selected. In the ‘Calendar’ section, select a calendar application to schedule the meeting.

Zoom will generate a meeting invitation with connection details, and you can share this with your meeting participants. In the ‘Advanced Options’ section, you have the following options: To allow participants to join a waiting room before joining the meeting, tick ‘Enable waiting room’.

The meeting host will have the option to allow participants to join the meeting when ready. To allow meeting participants to join before the host arrives at a Zoom meeting, tick ‘Enable join before host’. To ensure that a meeting in progress is not disturbed by joining participants, tick ‘Mute participants upon entry’. To restrict access to the Zoom meeting to UQ users only, s elect ‘Only authenticated users can join’. To record the meeting as soon as it’s started, tick ‘Automatically record meeting’.

Choose ‘Locally’ to save the recording to your computer, or ‘In the cloud’ to save the meeting to a cloud server. The person who scheduled the meeting will receive an email link to the cloud server recording once the recording has been processed. Ignore the ‘Enable additional data centre regions for your meeting’ option. If someone has allowed you to schedule a meeting on their behalf, tick ‘Schedule For’ and click the drop-down menu to select their name.

The first alternative host to join the meeting will automatically become the host. Select ‘Schedule’ to finalise. Complete the following fields and options: Topic – enter a meeting title. When – select a start date and time.



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You can join a video call from Google Meet, Google Calendar, Gmail etc. a phone or a meeting room or you can use Google Meet without a Google account. Any user who has the special link from the email will be able to join the Zoom meeting without authenticating via MIT Touchstone.