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The recent release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been met with great acclaim, the game is being praised for its many aspects but the one biggest gripe that people are facing with the game are issues of the text being too small to read on large displays. This is where the PS4 Zoom feature will save the day for you!

You are in luck, however, as a common but overlooked feature of the PS4 has been hiding in plain sight this whole time. The PS4 Zoom Feature is one feature which you absolutely must have enabled if you own a large display. You can now utilize zoom whenever and where ever you please! To zoom out all you need to do is press the button on the screen before you, this can vary between O and X depending on your consoles region.

Unfortunately, you are unable to take screenshots in this mode, so when you do use capture, it will zoom you out again. I know many friends of mine are having trouble with the text of the South Park games and this little tip has helped them tremendously! What do you think of this tip? Is there any other nifty little feature you like about the PS4?

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How to fix zoomed screen on ps4.PS4 Zoom Feature: How to Enable Zoom (Magnify) on PlayStation 4/Pro

Press the button or the PS button. Either in the game or in the ps4 settings, you can enlarge or shrink the ‘active screen area’ (I think that’s what its called.) Sometimes this.


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The PlayStation 4 is a fantastic console, but it comes with its own share of potential problems that might lead you to scratch your head. Display issues are one example, like cut-off edges or stretched images. Try these quick solutions instead. Your first mission in troubleshooting a zoomed screen on a PS4 is determining the cause of the problem. Your screen could be zoomed in for a number of reasons, including incorrect video output settings, hardware issues, and software glitches.

That said, most of the time the issue related to your TV or monitor. Incorrect aspect ratios, overscan settings, and low resolutions are some of the most common TV-related reasons for a zoomed-in screen. In other cases, the issue might stem from your PS4. The remedy is determined by the reason.

To start, connect your PS4 to a different TV or monitor to determine if the problem is with the console or the TV display. Then apply the solutions provided below accordingly. By default, this feature is turned off on most TVs. To check these settings, follow the user manual for your monitor. If the problem persists, try resetting your TV to its default settings. This will undo any unneeded changes that might have caused the zoomed-in screen.

If you think your PS4 might be causing the issue, try resetting its display settings by following these steps. Some games have their own built-in options to scale the UI. If your zoom issue only appears in one particular game, custom settings might be the reason. Usually, these settings only change the position of the UI, but if your TV allows it, it may also affect the screen size.

If enabled, whenever you press the PS and square buttons simultaneously, it will magnify the screen. This feature is easy to identify because it only allows you to see a small portion of the screen at a time. Press the PS or the circle button on your controller to turn it off. Ensure that all your cables are connected properly. One way of searching for further info is joining PS4 communities.

Solution 6: Check Your Cables Ensure that all your cables are connected properly. Click here to cancel reply.