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You can even upload a photo to customize your own Zoom background. You can also use a template, like the templates offered by Canva , to design a Zoom background image of your own. This would be great.


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Normally, a webcam shows just what it sees: you, your kitchen table, maybe an unkempt desk in the background. But Zoom, like Microsoft Teams, can use custom backgrounds that completely obscure all that background clutter. After enabling that background, the only thing the camera will see is your face, like this:. That changed last year, when the Zoom desktop app became smart enough to distinguish you from the по этой ссылке behind how to make a background for zoom meeting.

The first thing to do is to click to dell how zoom in on laptop my Zoom Settings gear in the upper right-hand corner. This opens up a wealth of options, but the relevant one for us is the Virtual Background option. Zoom makes this step extremely easy. By default, Zoom turns on your webcam, and you should подробнее на этой странице what others in your chat will see: you, and your background.

As you might expect, video files have a small camcorder icon in the corner. As you can see from the screenshots, there is backgroind option to enable a green screen, if you how to make a background for zoom meeting one. Zoom will arrange your available backgrounds beneath the video window. The Zoom client does a pretty good job of distinguishing my navy-blue sweatshirt from the dark background, too. But you should be able to tell in a flash if the results are acceptable.

Selecting a static image is especially easy. Enterpriseand the Oval Office. Once you select an image or video file, Zoon adds it to the visual index of virtual backgrounds within читать статью Virtual Background setting menu.

The how to make a background for zoom meeting way is to take an existing file and trim it down, keeping just the content that you want to show off.

How you get the file is up to you; we have hod in-depth guide on how to download читать from YouTubebut you may already have video files on hand that will suffice. If you do end up downloading a YouTube video, you can zoo, the low-quality option for background use and file size. That will take you to this screen, titled Video Projects:. In the Project Library box, click the Add button and select your video file.

The clip will then appear in the Project Library. The Trim screen allows you to use the two trim markers to the left and right адрес define where your clip begins and ends. You can use the Seek pin to help you set the defined limits on either end. Remember, Zoom will loop the end of the trimmed video back to the beginning.

Adjust the length of your video clip using the Trim feature. Use wisely! No worries: Our own Gordon Mah Ung has figured out a workaround. You can use the power of existing online tools to convert your favorite animated GIF tp a file format Zoom will support. Occasionally Zoom may resist your efforts, but worst case, you just try again.