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Propose New Time: You can propose a new time to the meeting organizer; if you tentatively accept and propose a new time, Outlook will put the meeting on your calendar. Respond: Send an email message to the meeting organizer; Outlook puts the meeting on your calendar as tentative and notes that you still need to respond.

Once you select a response, choose one of the options from the dropdown menu: Edit the Response before Sending: You can write a message to the meeting organizer to send along with your meeting response accepted, tentatively accepted, declined. Click or tap Save. Monday-Wednesday class recurrence. For a Monday-Wednesday class, make sure your meeting start date is a Monday. Tuesday-Thursday class recurrence. For a Tuesday-Thursday class, make sure your meeting start date is a Tuesday.

The menu will state “Occurs every Tuesday starting [your start date]. Keep T for Tuesday selected. Click or tap the second T for Thursday. Weekly class recurrence. For a weekly class e. For us we have the consideration that our boss has specifically asked us not to Send the Response when she sends a meeting. One related issue, if I get a meeting from outside our organization, and I choose Send the Response, and then forward that meeting to a co-worker, the co-worker will get meeting updates if the meeting time changes.

However, in that scenario, if I choose Do Not Send , the co-worker will not get updates even if they Accepted and sent a reply. I think they built in a solution for that, but it doesnt work! Now I only get the emails for declines and tentative. Thanks Lisa and well done. I have the same Rule set up as well. It certainly eliminates the needless Meeting Acceptances I agree.

If the sender goes to the Scheduling Assistant tab, they can see who has accepted. I just did another test to double check and I believe the issue still stands.

Which of course is exactly the way it should work. I just discovered this problem today, and was very surprised, because my past experience had been the opposite. Today it is Is this still a problem? I have not figured out which year this post is created.

I guess it is , because I think the behavior remains. I was just so surprised that Microsoft have not fixed it yet.

Thanks Mat…. Hi, as of April … in a Microsoft Teams meeting you have to remember to start the recording. Can i use Snapchat or any other app during the meeting is going on the Microsoft Teams? Will the organizer know about or Participants i the meeting? Hi Sakshi, apparently yes! Hello, I want to get the active session detail in history log to be export in excel , How can i get. Hey Joanne Klein, There is a way of showing profile pictures on teams meetings instead of showing initials only?

Hi Joanne -Great advice as always. If you add a document in a teams meeting invite, where is the document stored? OneDrive or SharePoint? Is it subjected to any of the Teams retention policies. If so, Chat? Did I miss it? Where does the file get stored if is shared a document via a meeting chat?

I work at a school. We adopted O last summer and are using Teams extensively for class meetings. Any help would be useful. I have access to the Teams Admin console and am a Global Admin as well.

Hi Sue, did you record the meeting? Anything in there helpful? Hi Joanne, The session was recorded and in the end, the teacher was able to figure out what was happening student was logged in twice on separate devices with separate profile photos, as can happen with the installed version of Teams. I was just asking where one could find a log of who was speaking. The software has to know, since it constantly brings forward the speaker.

I just have to keep reeling in certain privileges depending upon the age group. I know you can search in there, not sure if you can export it, never tried. Does that help? Would you be able to let me know how I can send out one invite to multiple recipients via separate meeting invites — I am holding several board meetings and there will be different attendees throughout the day and therefore separate invites. Any guidance would be great. Could someone kindly assist me. I used Teams yesterday for my first virtual class.

At the begining of the class I could see and hear the participant with her laptop. She was still able to see me, see my PPP and hear me but I could not see her. Any ideas? Is ther any other way to play an embeded video from youtube that is part of a PPP besides sharing it via desktop and viewing the PPP in the edit mode? I know I need to share the audio when I do screen share. I have looked on line for the answer; this is the only way that I am able to share a PPP and have control of the video at the same tiem.

I did a trial run with 2 other laptops. I shared my desktop to veiw the PPP one laptop had a very crisp view of the PP the other laptop view was very blurry. Any idea why and how to fix? I am supposed to be a presenter in a live meeting. The invite says presenter. I am an external invitee.

However, I only connect as an attendee. I can see them but they cannot see or hear me. Hi Joan, they should have given you a special presenter link. Can an external attendee share a document on screen to the rest of the attendees? For instance, I want to hold a sales meeting with both internal and external attendees. Some of the external attendees will give a 5 or 10 minute presentation that might include a PPT or other documents… will they be able to act as a presenter to share these documents to the group?

Or will I need to share those documents on my end as the organizer as they speak to the group? Thank you for your help! If you forget to exit a video call using the red button, but close the app, a call seems to continue small icon on mobile phone home screen. It may be different on a mobile phone though.

Great Post. I need to schedule meetings for the same external participants multiple times at different timings. Is there a way to do this without me creating and adding the participants every time? Hi, I was invited to a Microsoft Teams video call which I joined as an external participant. Call ended after 15 minutes and I proceeded to make a WhatsApp call. Once I ended this call I noticed a call screen that had Microsoft Teams Audio call on it not seen it before and it looked as though I was dialled into a call about the same length of time had passed since my Microsoft Teams call started.

I pressed the end call button and then the screen disappeared. Is this just a blip. Could any WhatsApp audio be heard on the Teams call that seemed to still be running?

I suggest putting this question on the Microsoft Tech community in the Teams group, there is a wide audience there and someone may be able to assist you. Other times, those late arrivers cannot see the chat posts. Why is that? You will have a much broader reach for the question.

Hi Joanne, thanks for the great explanation very helpful. I have the following Problem. In the Meetings I hold with Teams sometimes several people internal and external just dial in with their regular phones.

As a moderator I see on the side the participants and who is talking. Unfortunately when the people dial in with their phone I just see a number and not a name.

So I was wondering if there is any chance to change a number to a name? Do you have a solution for that? Thanks in advance and Regards Verena.

My company is holding a remote meeting with internal and external users. Some of the external users are new to teams and new to remote meetings in general. Or will that not work? I had forgotten to leave a Microsoft team meeting with one other person. It was a video meeting and I attended by clicking a link in outlook from my calendar which states join Microsoft teams meeting. I have added participant to the ongoing call from our team and he started recording our call, I removed him after I got clarifications from the participant.

I have continued the same call with others on different points but later realized call is getting recorded and full recording was shared in the group after the call is over. Now the question — Is this full recording available to the participants joined and dropped in between the call, Or only part of it is available for them for the time they are in the call. Please clarify. Thanks in advance. I set up meetings for other people and they are usually at the same time, but different groups.

The tracking page still has ‘None’ displayed. Can you please assist if I am alerted from who has accepted or rejected the invite. It may or may not be auto processed it depends if the TNEF data is damaged. If it is auto processed, the acceptance will be on the Tracking tab, otherwise, the acceptance message will remain in your inbox so you know it was accepted.

Hi Diane. The status tracking is not working. When emails outside of the company receive an invite as a “resource” they do not get the option to “send response” to sender when accepting an invite.

They are hitting accept and it’s “going away”. How can I see if someone accepts if they are blind copied? Thank you! It sounds like they are getting it as a meeting invite, which is good and eliminates one potential cause.

Another potential cause is spam filtering – the response is identified as having spam characteristics and is dropped. This is more common with read receipts though, but worth testing.

If using Exchange, the admin can check the logs for the responses to see what happened to them. Also, I have not received any comments. Once they accept, you should get the acceptance – exchange or outlook normally autoprocesses it and adds the response to the message. Occasionally, especially if the invitees are outside the organization, the response might not be able to be auto processed and it remains in the inbox. If you use a new version of exchange or office , they have a new process for handling meetings – this could affect it.

One of the changes is that invitees can see all responses – I will check and see how resources are handled. This didn’t work. I did it as a test and choosing ‘Resources’ and placing recipients into that category did not blind carbon copy the recipients. Did you type something in the location field?

If you don’t enter something in for the location, the BCC entries will be added as the location. Hi there, as per Tammy’ query below, using O, we have sent a meeting invite to a list of users – listed as Rsources. However, we are not getting responses.



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If why is my zoom meeting not showing up in outlook – none: cannot see the Office Store button in the ribbon, you can try to download and run Outlook Reset Preferences tool to xoom if it helps. Please note the tool will remove all customization in Outlook Preference.

Besides, if it happens to all users in your organization, this issue could be a version issue for Outlook. In ouylook scenario, please contact Outlook for Mac in-app support team to feedback this issue. We sincerely appreciate for your kind understanding. I ran the ‘Outlook Reset Preferences’ utility and the issue continued. I’ve also why is my zoom meeting not showing up in outlook – none: uninstalled all of my Office applications and have reinstalled with no solution.

I can confirm that other users in my organization are on the same version of Outlook I was able to find a solution to my problem. This resulted in the ‘ Contact Support ‘ option being displayed as well as the ‘ Get Add-Ins ‘ button within my Home ribbon and my Zoom for Outlook plugin when meetig a meeting through Outlook.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. I’ve checked with all other members of my organization and they are now having this issue. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply ahowing this thread. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. In reply to A. User’s post on March 3, Hi Daniel, If you cannot see the Office Store button in the ribbon, you can try смотрите подробнее download and run Outlook Reset Preferences tool to check if kp helps.

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