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An integrated webcam not working issue can arise when access to apps for using it has been denied. It may also not work in case of camera drivers not being. How to Open Dell Integrated Webcam Settings · 1. Click the Start button. · 2. Click “Webcam Console” or “Launch Webcam Console.” Click the “Camera” tab to adjust.

Dell laptop camera not working on zoom – dell laptop camera not working on zoom:. How to Fix It When a Zoom Camera Is Not Working

Before You Begin · Look for a Disable Button on the Keyboard · Check if Camera Is Enabled in Device Manager · Check The Windows Settings · Check. We ran into a broken integrated webcam on a Dell Inspiron even though the driver was installed. See how we fixed it. Select the monitor webcam as the default in the computer. Page | Troubleshooting. Product specific problems. Problem.


How to Fix Dell Inspiron Webcam on Windows 10


Dell laptop built-in webcams can be used to chat, stream, produce video, and so on. Unfortunately, your webcam may stop working and disturb the chat or business that you may have with your friends or partners. I myself faced problems two times on my Dell laptop computer. The first one was when I was conducting an online meeting using Google meeting, and the other was during a scholarship grant interview using the zoom application.

So, before conducting this kind of promising issue, you have to check every detail of your dell webcam. Webcam covers are used to protect you from unwanted recordings and protect your webcam from physical damage. So make sure that you uncover your webcam. Sometimes, you might forget to uncover it before you start a video call using Zoom.

Microsoft is providing the mandate to the user to choose which application has to access your camera. The app that you are using right now may lose the permission to access your webcam. So, you need to offer permission for the app in your privacy setting. Step 1 : on your Windows search bar, type setting to get the Setting App. Step 4 : when you click Camera, the following window pops up, and press the toggle switch. Therefore I have to toggle the button to turn it on.

To do this click on the toggle button as shown above in the figure. Then after it becomes turned on, your apps get permission to access your camera. The toggle switch now becomes turned On with red color as shown below. If your camera is turned on from the beginning, make sure that the specific App that you want to use is granted to access the camera. You can choose among Apps to allow or lose the permission to access your webcam. The following figure shows the allowed and protected Apps to use my camera.

This is my interest on my laptop, so everyone has the mandate to choose among different Apps. Sometimes problems may not go far as you expect, but easy steps can provide solutions perfectly. So your webcam problem can be fixed easily by disabling the device and enabling it back. Step 1: on the Windows search bar, type device manager, and click on the icon of Device manager.

Step 2 : After clicking the device manager icon, you will get the following window, then go to the Camera option, and finally make a right-click on your camera integrated webcam. Step 3 : Now there is the deal, after making a right-click on your integrated webcam, you will get three options that you can operate i. So, choose Disable device option. Step 5 : Repeat the last three steps, and this time you have to click on Enable device.

If all of the above solutions failed to fix the problem that you are facing, you need to reinstall the webcam driver via Device Manager. The necessary steps here are quite similar to that of solution 3, but this time you need to click on Uninstall the device. After the Uninstall process finishes, you might be wondering what actions you are going to take. Easy saying, restart your computer, and it will automatically fix the missed webcam driver.

The last and most promising method to fix your dell webcam problem is to update the driver. In solution 5, we have seen how to reinstall drivers, but the systems use the same old version of the driver.

Your webcam may not function at all if you are using an outdated version of the driver. You may be wondering where to download the wanted webcam driver. Here is the kicker! Enter your product identifier and hit the search button.

After you hit the search button, you will get the option to download the driver. Then the following window will pop up, and download the dell SupportAssistant so that it will detect your driver automatically. Click Download. If you want to search your driver manually, fill in the necessary information. If your problem persists after implementing the above solutions, your PC needs maintenance.

Go to your nearby computer hardware maintenance shop. Here is the thing, your anti-virus software may block your webcam not to taking any action, and hence your camera will not operate. Sometimes, your anti-virus restricts your installed apps from using your camera. Therefore, you have to disable your antivirus temporarily and try your webcam again if it works.

I myself, am using Avast antivirus, and below is the procedure you have to follow to disable it this time I am interested to disable it for 10 minutes. Dereje Derib is a technical content writer at FineShare, as well as an electrical engineer teaching courses at a university.

He knows webcam and remote work quite well. Webcam Problem. Your Dell laptop camera not working when you want to record, stream, or chat. This article explains how to fix your Dell webcam problem step by step. Dereje Getie Last Updated: June 2, Follow us on:. Contents hide. Check The Cover of Your Webcam. Allow Apps to Access Dell Camera. Disable and Enable Dell Webcam Driver. Reinstall Your Dell Webcam Driver. Update Webcam Driver on Dell Laptop. Disable Anti-Virus Software Temporarily.

Camera Driver — Check for Update. Detect Dell Camera Driver. Search Dell Camera Driver Manually. Download Dell Camera Driver. This article is originally published on May 12, , and updated on Last Updated: June 2, Dereje Getie Dereje Derib is a technical content writer at FineShare, as well as an electrical engineer teaching courses at a university. Related articles. Get VibeCam Free. By clicking “Agree”, you agree with the privacy policy , and you accept the use of cookies to enhance user experience.