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Are you ready to play a game? Get online and check out any or all of the fun games you can play on Zoom. Scroll through our list of options and start planning the many enjoyable things you can do on your next call. Such games are usually quite intricate and unique, as, at the end of the day, they are organised by professionals. Looking for a fun way to spend some time with your colleagues and you have no idea what to do? We have a solution: you could plan an online game event via Zoom with Around the World!

Around the World is a great alternative to regular Zoom team building and is a great solution for big teams that want to celebrate together: all the fun happens on the platform while you are communicating via Zoom.

Each small team can train, sabotage and bet on racehorses, which will allow you to strategically lead your group to victory. The host will introduce you to the simple rules no prior experience with horse racing is required!

If you are intrigued by this game, but looking for something to play during the holiday season, there is also a festive Reindeer version of the game you should check out!

There has been a murder and it is your responsibility as a juror to convict the perpetrator. After being introduced to the criminal case by the host, you will be split into two groups and given evidence to sort through. In Jury Duty you will even be able to question the accused during the trial played by a professional actor , so make sure to pay attention to detail! After the teams have time to compare their findings, they as a jury will decide on the final verdict and determine the fate of the accused.

Check out more thrilling experiences. Have you ever wished you could participate in the creation of a new world? With this Zoom game, you can! The newly terraformed Mars is ready for you to change into a biodiverse paradise, all you have to do is collaborate as a team and decide which animals you would like to send on a journey through space. In Mars Conquest , the host will first introduce you to the rules of the game and distribute the rules to each player. Each team then continues with deciding which animals to send to Mars under the pressure of a timer.

Want to risk a little without any real-life consequences? Then you will definitely enjoy our Virtual Casino Night! This is a great new platform that lets you sit back and enjoy your event, custom sets designed by you, pictionary, trivia, buzz-in and sing-alongs are all on offer! The platform takes care of everything by providing their own pro host, video conferencing, and a great set of options for games sure to bring the group together.

This makes it a great alternative to Zoom team building. Navigate your way through puzzles and games in the immersive world of Beat The Bomb! Each team can test their ability to communicate and work seamlessly together in order to lead the group to victory.

The dedicated Bomb Technician will introduce you to the rules so that you can easily rack up as many points as possible in the first two games and have enough time for the final challenge — defusing The Bomb. Yolking from Home is an easy-going activity themed as a TV game show that includes original conversational games. Engage your team in a friendly competition and get to know each other better! You can choose from six games that will have you talking, laughing and bonding with each other!

Project Avatar is a virtual escape room meets video game meets live theatrical performance type of fun! Sound intriguing? In this game, you use voice commands to control the Avatar, played by a professional actor.

You have to help him navigate around an abandoned location and complete the challenge by finding various artefacts and solving puzzles. The game can be played in two modes: cooperation or battle. Desert Island takes you to a virtual paradise, a perfect place to reconnect with your team.

Visit three iconic locations Hollywood, Singapore, Ibiza and Puerto Rico , learn about their respective drinking cultures and shake up four cocktails of your own! Prior to the event , all participants will receive boxes with all the necessary ingredients. Non-drinkers can make their mocktails with Seedlip, a premium non-alcoholic spirit. The game is played through a dedicated platform and involves professional actors. Your Stage Manager will be there to assist you if needed.

Get that adrenaline pumping with this super fun virtual casino night. So why not get this betting started? Forget about being caught and committing the perfect crime with your brilliant team.

Inspired by the famous TV show, Money Heist , this online escape room features various riddles that each feature a unique mechanism. Get your team thinking and working as one to get the diamonds out of the casino within an hour! Good Luck! And now for some first-class entertainment! You can expect a huge dose of humour and a party-like atmosphere. Pour yourself a drink, have your unique bingo card ready and prepare to have some laughs with your colleagues! The game is brought to you via an upgraded version of Zoom and live streamed from a professional studio.

The Louvre is under a major threat and is calling on your talents to find out what happened to the Mona Lisa portrait. Play investigator and work together to find out who committed this unimaginable crime! Be fast, the future of France is in your hands! Board games are always a great game to play on Zoom since they take care of almost all the work for you.

Depending on the game, there are a number of options for how to take care of the proverbial board. You can play with the classic game board across Zoom and coordinate your moves. In some cases, you can also download the app and play together as a group.

Investigate online to find out who did it, with what, and where? This naval game is legendary, and can be played online with ease. With two per match, why not consider a tournament with work colleagues? Based on the ultimate word game, 6 can play at once with white boards. You can also download the online version of the classic word game. Another great option for playing games on Zoom or Discord is to download apps. All you need is a mobile device to play on and a second device such as a computer from which to join the call.

A classic favourite of kids and adults, this fun card game is now available in an online multiplayer version. Have fun making your friends skip their turns no matter how far away they are! You can play these games however you like, semi-structured with apps or books, or you can always come up with your own adventure. You can simply play the normal game with the help of information on Dungeons and Dragons websites or use online tools such as virtual dice rollers or even virtual tabletops that simulate the real life experience.

A game about a road trip with many dramatic and cathartic moments reached through playlists, this is definitely a strange journey. This is not quite a role-playing game but it definitely involves players sitting around telling fantastic but completely true!

Weirdness ensues. Word games have a long history that, though it sometimes feels otherwise, does predate Zoom. These are often based on a simple premise, but sometimes simple is what works best. Be the first to solve the puzzle and shout it out on Zoom! This fun filled brain teaser game is great for multi-player sessions and very adaptable to an online environment. How about a game of poker except all the cards have words? Everyone here may need to buy a version of the board game, but once you are all supplied, let the fun begin!

This old game can be brand new again in Zoom calls. Simply use one Boggle cube and share your screen so all the players can see it and start making words. This can be great fun for families! You can also download the app and share your screen so everyone can play. If other players have done it, they take a drink. If no one in the group drinks, then the person asking the question must drink. You can also play a non-drinking version of the game where you hold your hands up and if you have done what the question asks, then you simply put your hand down.

This makes for a great evening full of laughs as everyone learns more about each other. You can play without any props, or download an app for inspiration. HeadsUp is another great game for virtual Happy Hours since it is very easy to set up and even easier to play. All participants need to do is download the free app on their phone from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, select their preferred category, and start playing. The game requires you to hold the phone to your forehead where a term is displayed, other players need to describe it without naming it , as you try to figure it out.

You only have a limited amount of time, so make sure you get as many as possible! Coming from the same makers as HeadsUp, Psych! The game is available as an app for Android and iOS from their respective app stores and is free to play. Once downloaded, players submit fun answers to various trivia questions and they must then try to find out which is correct. Just like HeadsUp, the game is sure to bring out the best in people as they do their best to keep the questions coming.

Two Truths and a Lie is a great game to play on Zoom with coworkers since it also supports team building. The game itself is easy, everyone takes turns providing two truths about themselves and a lie. The rest of the team has to guess which of the 3 statements is the lie.



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The aim of the game is get answers that no one else writes down. When the This involves sharing the ‘Whiteboard’ facility in Zoom.