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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Zoom h5 vs h6 vs alternatives. JDandCoke Member. Messages 2, Looking for a multipurpose recording device. Primarily to record rehearsals and demos and for taking a line out the desk at gigs.

The main use i see for it is personal use at rehearsals, set up the built in xy to capture the room and then close mic myself with a 57 so i can listen back to experimenting with tones etc. Features wise both of these seem to hit the mark so im really curious about comments on their ruggedness and ease of use.

Itll be lugged around in my gig bag and subjected to nornal rigours of gigging. The extra tracks are appealing for demos could take in two guitars, bass, drums on the xy and a vocal scratch track. But we could always overdub onto a 4 track. Anyone used both?

Easy enough to setup and get files off etc? Anything i might have overlooked? Price seems to be about for the h5 and about for the h6.

Nevets Silver Supporting Member. My Studio. Hello, all! I’m posting here as I’ve been considering buying a Zoom H6 to be used with as an interface with Line Audio CM3s, mostly because of mobility and the fact that I could – if needed – plug up to 4 mics to the H6. I’ll be recoding mostly bowed strings my own performances and of students.

Vesta : do you still find problems with noise, or did you find a way to get rid of the problem? Thanks for you input! The preamps in the Zoom H6 are as good or better than any preamps you’ll find anywhere. All you need is a Zoom H6 these days. Nobody will know any different. Greenwood Audio. Very Very good to know for fields recordists. Came across this old thread with exactly the same question. As there were many interesting answers but few facts, I tried a small test myself: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 1.

Of course I used same cable on all mics. I did a parallel recording with some acoustic guitar and matched levels at “5” and “7. The result concerning noise was: 1. RME Fireface showed less noise. Not a surprise really. Scarlett was in between, closer to FF than to H6 concerning noise. Zoom H6 showed the most noise. Especially hissing. The result concerning the acoustic guitar sound was: 1. Fireface sounded most natural or even to me. OK, no surprise again.

Scarlett sounded a bit dull, emphasis on the lows. H6 sounded nasal.



Zoom F8 vs. H6 Preamp SHOOTOUT! – Cinema Sound – Disclaimer


In this article which also has audio and video elements, I break down the sound, nature and usefulness of the preamps, Analog to Digital converters and what it all means for you between the Zoom F8 and H6 recorders. What are Preamps? Well, in the audio world they are so many things to so many people. A preamp in a recorder boosts and colors the audio signal in such a way that the Analog to Digital Converters on the recorder ADC can turn the analog voltage b6 digital bits to be recorded.

On the way out, the digital signal goes through a Digital to Analog Converter DAC and then goes out another kind of preamp. That preamp depends on what its feeding: if a line output, then it conforms the analog signal from the DAC to the right line voltage. If a preampss output, then it up-voltages ozom signal to be powerful enough to drive your headphones. This clever combination of ADCs and preamps are the zooj and digital sensor of your recorder, and the really are the most important aspects of any digital recording device zkom zoom h5 vs h6 preamps – zoom h5 vs h6 preamps:.

Well nobody in multimedia does, which is why most manufacturers of low budget recorders put the cheapest preamps and ADCs on their units they can. They figure that no one will notice how noisy they all are and how badly they color the sound. Most people have no idea that the H series recorders from Zoom have a completely different set of preamps and ADCs from the F series. Who cares? We then recorded two different tracks of music: one which had strong full-bandwidth audio with transients near zero dB, and zoom h5 vs h6 preamps – zoom h5 vs h6 preamps: which was much smoother and had few transients but lots of sustained sounds.

We recorded these at the same pot positions as zooj line noise and compensated for level by changing the output to the units from our audio interface. Thus, with pots all the way down we drove the inputs as hard as we could, and with the pots all the way up we drove them the least.

Preamls: would soon find out if I was just losing my mind. We threw out the idea of recording dialog on a mic, since the self-noise of the microphone would add far more color to the preapms: of the recorders than we wanted. Plus, full-bandwidth music, we reasoned, would push the recorders to their limits faster. There is really little reason to discuss the distortion test. The main reason for this is more because the H6 meters are really lying prramps: themselves.

The unit only really distorts ozom the record arm lights flicker. The F8 has about a 1 dB headroom above its noted zero — but its cleaner preamps seem to handle the lesser headroom well. Bottom line: both units handle overs like champs. I encourage you to watch the accompanying video on our Youtube channel to really get the gist of how these audio examples work together.

But the noise these preamps create, when pots are even turned past 12 o-clock, is really noticeable. Not only is there broadband white noise but a clever couple of whines in there as well. They are preampe: zoom h5 vs h6 preamps – zoom h5 vs h6 preamps: day on any spectrogram and anyone on the hh6 can hear them. For both of these units we want to drive them as HARD as we can to bring those sounds down.

There we saw about double the waveform deviations in the H6 than were present in the F8 recordings. Most of those artifacts were subtle, but they lived in that upper high and lower mid frequency zones. Which confirmed preanps aural findings; the /26.txt is a harsher sounding recorder. The real test of pudding comes with long, sustained tones at a mid-recording-level.

We used the same preamp levels, but instead of driving the meters, we left the recording around RMS. Here is where the monsters were hiding under the bed. For the F8, it was much the same as with preampz test 1. But for the H6, the artifacting on the mid pot and high pot recordings would have rendered the recorded music unusable: tons of artifacts on fades, high frequency edginess and enough noise to mask any kind of clarity.

The lack of quality preamps взято отсюда ADCs on the H6 rendered zoom whiteboard apple pencil a barely passable pro-sumer recorder in our books moving forward.

So, maybe now is the time to upgrade? Perhaps so. Site developed with Moonburn. The Basics What are Preamps? Tags: DACf8 vss, h6preamprecordershootoutzoom.

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